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Daniel J Marinaro AIA NCARB


Architecture is more than my trade, it is my passion.  I am blessed to have practiced for over 30 years and have been able to work throughout the United States.  


My life has been deeply influenced by Music, Art and Architecture, and I always seem to find one inherently rooted in the other.  Tone, Rhythm, Crescendo, Movement, Order, Harmony, Texture and so many other influencers dancing together in the form of natural light, shadows, color and materials all move me to create art, architecture and music.

Creativity comes in many forms that all speak to one another in very profound and wonderful ways.  Creativity be it in the form of a clay sculpture, a watercolor painting, a pen and ink drawing or a sketch with an old lump of charcoal; a saxophone, trumpet or set of drums have been my true love.  

I am very interested in the dynamics of collaboration, and the great results that come from intense immersion sessions when collective minds put aside the limits that normally bind us, and truly explore "what if"?  





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